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DST Enterprices LLC is a nationwide direct sales company that sells products and services to consumers and businesses. By outsourcing sales to our company, businesses get a huge boost in sales without any risk or hassle – we do all the work! Our turn key services include everything from the initial marketing plan, through the execution phase, all the way to reporting.

Regardless of what industry is being represented – be it deregulated energy, financial services, telecom, or something else, the first step is always the same: identify preferred sales method. Methods include in-store tabling promotions, special event booth promotions, and fundraising. After the preferred sales method(s) is identified, it's simply a matter of targeting the correct audience. Perhaps it's consumers within a particular income bracket, businesses within a specific geographic area, or another variable. Once the sales method and target audience are identified, it's time to start selling!

Since our inception in 2007, we have secured millions of new customers for our clients. We owe this success to our professional sales team that is second to none. From Oregon to Florida, from Maine to California, our clients are represented by local talent that understands the nuances of the region and demographic being targeting. Click here to see a sales coverage map, which details where members of our direct sales team are actively selling. All members of our direct sales team are fully trained on the product they are offering and adhere to strict quality protocols during the sales process. The result is a boatload of new, quality customers for our clients!

Please click on the link to "Join Our Sales Team" if you are a sales professional interested in joining our direct sales team. We'd love to hear from you.

Or, if your company's sales could use a huge boost, please click on the link to "Contact Us" and we'll start preparing a risk-free marketing plan, today.

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DST Enterprices LLC offers quality control and data entry services everywhere our direct sales teams are soliciting new customers.

For programs utilizing a paper order form, this means that members of our sales teams solicit new customers in the field, then return at the end of the work day with a batch of new orders. Project administrators are ready, at the local level, to scan each order for legibility and completeness, then key the customer information into a database for processing/decisioning. Paper order forms are scanned then uploaded to our clients or simply stored for future reference.

For programs that offer instant decisioning, members of our sales team are deployed into the field with touchpad tablets, enabling the customer to simply complete and submit an on line order form.

Regardless of the method used, DST Enterprices LLC saves our clients time and money by providing these quality control and data entry services.

Fund Raiser X

Many of the products and services offered through DST Enterprices LLC make perfect fundraisers for all kinds of charitable organizations, such as churches, civic groups, and so on.

For example, DST Enterprices LLC promotes the Universal Service Fund Lifeline program, which gives people who are struggling financially the opportunity to own their own cell phone for free, with free minutes each month. Funding has been provided to create awareness of this program, and charitable organizations are encouraged to "get the word out" to eligible consumers, all the while earning fundraising dollars for every new Lifeline customer. This is just one of many programs offered by Direct Strategies Companies which make perfect fundraisers, so if you represent a charitable organization that needs to raise money in 2012, we encourage you to contact us today.

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